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Our plea to Southwark Council for adequate Traffic & Pollution Monitoring on EDG


26 JANUARY 2022

To: Dale Foden, Head of Highways
Cc: Councillors Catherine Rose, Margy Newens, Richard Leeming and James McAsh, and Helen Hayes MP
From: East Dulwich Grove Residents Group and residents of East Dulwich Grove, Great Spilmans and Zenoria St

Dear Dale Foden,
In the three responses we have made to the scheme consultations during 2021, we at East Dulwich Grove asked for kerbside monitors along the entire length of the road, to collect detailed breakdowns of the traffic and air quality at multiple sites. This is because EDG is one of the most badly affected so called boundary roads in the scheme which has seen no benefits or alleviating measures for residents to date.

Our plea included a currently key but neglected area, the crossroads of East Dulwich Grove (EDG), Red Post Hill (RPH), Village Way (VW) and Dulwich Village (DV). This is where wardens are employed to help the children at peak school times but where no traffic or pollution monitoring is currently present.

No data is currently being collected despite the ongoing displacement of traffic and recognition by Councillor Catherine Rose in Southwark’s November response that there are places on EDG where pollution is worsening. Although she said that as further measures may be needed, monitoring is essential.

We urgently need consistent monitoring of traffic and air pollution along the entire length of East Dulwich Grove. That especially includes the stretch between James Allen’s Girls’ School and the crossroads of EDG/RPH/VW/DV.

In our last letter of 14 December 2021, we pointed out that with 4,000 children educated along the length and vicinity of East Dulwich Grove and with a new all-weather sports pitch at East Dulwich Charter School being used extensively, EDG should be recognised as the school road it is and traffic restricted and more fairly dispersed by opening closed roads.

That letter also noted that in areas along EDG, where data existed, the NO emissions and particulate matter measurements were above WHO safety limits. In summary, we ask you to retain existing monitoring on East Dulwich Grove and extend the monitoring of traffic and pollution as a matter of urgency to the neglected sites on the road, installing the necessary tracsis cables and attached monitors at intervals up to the EDG/RPH/VW/DV crossroads, and treat this as an urgent public health issue.

Yours sincerely,
East Dulwich Grove Residents Group
and various East Dulwich Grove, Great Spilmans and Zenoria St residents

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